How Much Does It Cost?

We are called Affordable Water Systems for a reason...
            we are Affordable!

Prices are not a secret with AWS.  Below are our current INSTALLED prices for the two most popular residential water softeners plus the preferred whole house carbon filter.  Installed price requires a plumbing loop to be available.  We can recommend the right size system for your water source, home and family.  Other capacity models are available.

1.  32,000 - Grain Capacity Model - $999

2.  48,000 - Grain Capacity Model - $1399

3.  32,000 - Automatic Carbon Filter - $699
(Less $100 with any Softener...$599 total)

4.  5- Stage, 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
                                               w/leak protection
- $499
(Granite countertops extra)